For Adults, Online Offers the Most Choices For Halloween Costumes

Halloween approaches. Are you ready?

If you’re not, don’t worry. Retail stores may already be picked over, but you don’t have to settle for that Napoleon Dynamite costume you found at the bottom of the clearance stack.

Instead, go online, where the selection is deep and you can get your costume shipped with time to spare. Think beyond Halloween and get an outfit that you can wear some other time.

In fact, the choices at an online site may surpass what you can find at a regular store. There are costumes for men and women, costumes you can wear together and unisex costumes for either gender. For the past several years, media articles on Halloween have mentioned that this holiday appeals to adults as much as kids. In fact, for many online stores, adult costumes comprise the majority of sales.

Trends for Women

So what are this year’s trends? For women, sexy is in. However, that doesn’t mean sexual. Think of a wink instead of a leer. Costumes in this category range from a police officer to the farmer’s daughter to storybook characters. Depending on your taste, the skin to cloth ratio is limited and you could wear your costume outdoors (weather permitting) or to a party with children present.

For an adults-only gathering, what about lingerie? Men, before you start surfing, and ladies, before you unplug the cable modem, keep in mind that lingerie encompasses many different types of styles. An online site will have Victoria’s Secret-type of outfits as well as nightdresses and themed sets.

Men Just Want to Be Funny

For men, the trend is humor and pop culture. Ever dream of being a beer keg? What about Frankenberry (yes, from the cereal box)? Let your imagination run wild. Chances are you’ll find the right costume.

Of course, the classics are still available. Vampires, reapers and demons never go out of style. Neither does childhood. Guys, you’re never too old to be a cowboy or a pirate.

Finding Your Right Size

In addition to more choices, online costume shopping also offers a greater range of sizes. A woman who doesn’t happen to be a size 4 can quickly get frustrated shopping at a brick-and-mortar costume shop. Online, choices abound. Lingerie for a woman size 16 to 20 is definitely an option, as are many attractive costumes.

Before you buy, check to see how the sizes run. Although costumes don’t come in consecutive numerical sizes like regular clothing, they are usually grouped from small to large. A comprehensive site will provide measurement ranges. For women, this will include bust, waist and hips ranges. Men’s sizing will include the neck and waist.

And to make it easy, some costumes will come in “one size fits most.”

Quality Counts

One advantage of the online experience is you can find a costume that’s made to last beyond the holiday. Why not go for quality? That sexy costume might be just right for an intimate Valentine’s Day celebration. A pirate costume may just be the thing for an elementary school fundraiser.

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