Adults Only Resorts


If the thought of going along to a full lifestyle resort has you a little scared, there are several adults only resorts that may appeal to you. Perhaps you are not swingers, but still want to be able to enjoy the eroticism that a lifestyle resort has to offer as well as the guaranteed child free zone for your vacation experience.

There are a few major differences between the adults only resorts on offer. You will find that a true lifestyle resort will not allow singles. You must book and attend as a male and female couple, and you will be turned away or asked to leave if it becomes apparent that you are not a legitimate couple. Some resorts or cruises will allow you to bring a single female with you. Other adults only resorts allow singles as they are seen as traditionally non-lifestyle. That’s not to say you will not find swingers here and in fact many swingers still vacation there, however the public displays of affection are more tightly controlled and the atmosphere can be more of a party.

Most of the adults only resorts are all inclusive, which is handy when the choice of attire leaves little to the imagination and you have nowhere to carry your wallet.

Temptations resort is a great choice; classy, sexy and erotic, but without the full ‘in your face’ open sex. As part of the Original Resorts group, they have carefully and tastefully captured two important niches in couples only all inclusive lifestyle resort vacations. Temptations are currently located at Riviera Maya near Cancun and Los Cabos near Cabo San Lucas. Temptations is a topless optional resort, but it is not mandatory to be topless.

Hedonism, or Hedo as it is more commonly known, is another popular erotic destination. Located in Jamaica, it is seen as more of a party destination with a very relaxed atmosphere. The resort is divided between a nude and a fully clothed area.

Caliente is another one of the best adults only resorts. They have locations in Florida and the Dominican Republic. It is mainly touted as a nudist resort, however it does occasionally hold lifestyle events and lifestyle nights.

Desire Resort and Spa in Mexico is seen as a favourite for a lot of swingers. There are so many repeat guests that every time you go, you are guaranteed to know someone. Quite often, before people will plan a holiday at Desire, they will confer with friends they have met there previously as to when they are booking and usually book around the same time. Desire is clothing optional, which means you can wear as much or as little as you want, but most prefer the latter.

Even if you are not swingers, if you want to take a vacation that is different to most, you must visit one of these adults only resorts at least once in your lifetime.

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The Easy Method of Holiday Party Planning

The holidays are often a great chance to spend some quality time with the special people in your life who you do not get to see frequently enough. A holiday party is a fun way to catch up, relax, and gear up for any special holiday around the corner. When you do your holiday party planning, you are likely to be juggling other things like your regular holiday plans at the same time, so organization is very important. Any of the major or minor holidays can be an excellent reason to host a party.

Choosing the type of holiday party you host is simplified when compared to hosting other kinds of parties because there is no need to dream up a creative theme. The holiday will provide the theme itself. For example, a Christmas party is usually built around themes of the season like red and green colors and special holiday treats like cookies and eggnog. You could make your own invitations, shaping them like presents for Christmas, turkeys for Thanksgiving, or firecrackers for the fourth of July. Let the holiday traditions guide you in your holiday party planning, even if only to give you a jumping off point for a fun twist on the traditional themes.

Of course, the guest list is always important, and you may want to ask for some help with party planning. With all of the holiday hustle and bustle it can be easy to forget some small details, so do not be afraid to ask a friend for their input. You will need to be sure to plan for any additional equipment like chairs or tables. Holiday party planning is largely dependent upon your guests, so plan the menu and the activities according to the crowd. If you will have children attending, plan for some kid friendly food and activities. If the party is an adults-only affair, you can focus on some more sophisticated fare. Let your creativity and sense of fun be your guide.

Creating a fun atmosphere and an enjoyable party is completely possible, even during the busy holidays. Let yourself have a good time planning, and enjoy the fun at your party.

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For Adults, Online Offers the Most Choices For Halloween Costumes

Halloween approaches. Are you ready?

If you’re not, don’t worry. Retail stores may already be picked over, but you don’t have to settle for that Napoleon Dynamite costume you found at the bottom of the clearance stack.

Instead, go online, where the selection is deep and you can get your costume shipped with time to spare. Think beyond Halloween and get an outfit that you can wear some other time.

In fact, the choices at an online site may surpass what you can find at a regular store. There are costumes for men and women, costumes you can wear together and unisex costumes for either gender. For the past several years, media articles on Halloween have mentioned that this holiday appeals to adults as much as kids. In fact, for many online stores, adult costumes comprise the majority of sales.

Trends for Women

So what are this year’s trends? For women, sexy is in. However, that doesn’t mean sexual. Think of a wink instead of a leer. Costumes in this category range from a police officer to the farmer’s daughter to storybook characters. Depending on your taste, the skin to cloth ratio is limited and you could wear your costume outdoors (weather permitting) or to a party with children present.

For an adults-only gathering, what about lingerie? Men, before you start surfing, and ladies, before you unplug the cable modem, keep in mind that lingerie encompasses many different types of styles. An online site will have Victoria’s Secret-type of outfits as well as nightdresses and themed sets.

Men Just Want to Be Funny

For men, the trend is humor and pop culture. Ever dream of being a beer keg? What about Frankenberry (yes, from the cereal box)? Let your imagination run wild. Chances are you’ll find the right costume.

Of course, the classics are still available. Vampires, reapers and demons never go out of style. Neither does childhood. Guys, you’re never too old to be a cowboy or a pirate.

Finding Your Right Size

In addition to more choices, online costume shopping also offers a greater range of sizes. A woman who doesn’t happen to be a size 4 can quickly get frustrated shopping at a brick-and-mortar costume shop. Online, choices abound. Lingerie for a woman size 16 to 20 is definitely an option, as are many attractive costumes.

Before you buy, check to see how the sizes run. Although costumes don’t come in consecutive numerical sizes like regular clothing, they are usually grouped from small to large. A comprehensive site will provide measurement ranges. For women, this will include bust, waist and hips ranges. Men’s sizing will include the neck and waist.

And to make it easy, some costumes will come in “one size fits most.”

Quality Counts

One advantage of the online experience is you can find a costume that’s made to last beyond the holiday. Why not go for quality? That sexy costume might be just right for an intimate Valentine’s Day celebration. A pirate costume may just be the thing for an elementary school fundraiser.

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Luxury Holidays Can Involve All Family Members

Most people tend to think about luxury holidays as events for adults. They are popular with celebrities who want privacy or for special occasions such as a honeymoon. However, there are many different holidays like these that can involve kids as well. There are many features of these holidays that can cater to all family members. Here are just a few of these great features for families to take a look at.

Many luxury holidays for families can include a variety of visits with nature. These include trips that involve all kinds of different animals. These include animals around the jungles of Thailand or Vietnam and other animals in the deserts of Kenya. Great safari outings on these holidays can be fun things that kids will enjoy just as much as their parents.

Water activities are often held in many places where these holidays take place in. These include diving, rowing and fishing activities around places like the Seychelles among many others. Great holidays can give people to luxury of having all items for these activities covered in the cost of a holiday.

Trips to different markets around great tourist sites can also be accommodated. These can bring all family members closer to a variety of unique experiences. These include things like getting into places where arts and crafts are made. A beautiful point about some of these markets is that some items are made right in the middle of these markets. Some of the best places to find these markets in include Bali and Morocco.

Fun travel features that kids can enjoy can also be experienced. These include private plane rides over Costa Rica or zipline travels around Thailand. There are even elephant travels that can be enjoyed around India and some parts of Africa. These travels are things that kids will really get excited over. After all, it’s not often that any kid can get the chance to go riding on an elephant through a unique part of the world. A luxury safari holiday in Africa is certainly something that most kids would love to experience.

The luxury holidays that work with families in mind can feature accommodations that cover all family members. These include accommodations that can handle two or three bedrooms. These are features that prove that these exciting holidays do not have to be reserved for adults only. Great holidays with all sorts of luxuries can cater to kids just as much as they can cater to adults.

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Hedonism – Couples Only Resorts for a Dream Vacation With Your Partner

Blame it on the capitalism ruling the planet or the insatiable human desire to ear ‘more’, fact stays the same that most of us spend our entire lives working towards building an empire full of materialistic wonders whereas what we should be really doing is creating an empire of affection and harmony. We work long hours, but hardly find any time for our partner, who has been there with us through all thick and thin and is likely to be there for the rest of our life. If you are one of the many of us who have been captivated by the horde to earn more, it may be about time you think about gifting your partner a vacation they truly deserve.

Located in Jamaica, Hedonism adult only resorts promise the ideal place for you and your partner to stay at while on a vacation. Those looking to travel to this part of the Caribbean would not ask for anything better than what these resorts have to offer. With the admission to these resorts restricted to people above the age of 18 years, you don’t have to worry about gangs of kids creating a chaos anywhere in these resorts. On the contrary, there are a number of fun activities designed for couples that you can participate in and strengthen your bond with your partner.

Hedonism couples only resorts offer a wide array of services to make your vacation truly memorable. In addition to offer the stereotypical resort amenities such as room service, laundry, common hall, and the likes these adults only resorts offer a number of luxurious services such as spa treatments, excursion trips, and many more. In order to get maximum worth for your money, it is recommended that you consider buying the couples’ holiday packages offered by these resorts. In many cases, making your reservation in advance also helps you getting discounted charges for the stay.

With internet available in most places, planning a memorable vacation has become a whole lot simpler. Gone are the days when you had to run to travel agents for making the arrangements as the web has given the command in your very own hands. By searching for online travel firms offering vacation packages to Hedonism adults only resorts, you can easily maker all the arrangements for the vacation without having to take time out or face any of the hassles involved in planning a memorable and problem free vacation.

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